• Marta


Vegetables is a word that scares more people than word burpees :-) Both are good to you by the way!

People think that vegetables are boring, don't taste nice and don't give us anything good. While in reality it is opposite - there is such a big choice of vegetables in the world, many of them taste delicious on their own (others might need to be spiced a bit) and they give us all good benefits.

First thing you should do if you want to lose weight is to include large portions of vegetables in each main meal that you eat. Vegetables are naturally low in calories so even huge portion of them will not affect your calorie deficit. At the same time they contain a lot of fibre, which makes you feel full quicker and for longer, so you won't be thinking or craving for food soon after a meal that you have just eaten. Also thanks to content of fibre, many of your issues with your digestive system (bloating, constipation) will be improved or might even disappear.

So don't be negative towards vegetables and start adding them to your meals. You can eat some cooked, some raw. You can use vegetables in smoothies as well. Make a salad with mixed veggies. Or cook/roast them, add your favorite spices or herbs to the dish to improve the flavor. And no, lettuce doesn't count as vegetable. Have a variety of different kinds in your day. By doing this you will deliver to your body mix of vitamins and minerals necessary for it to maintain or increase your health.

Always remember that by eating vegetables you are making your body healthier, with every bite you take!