• Marta

Small steps

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

All ladies talk about those diets that are supposed to make us slim, lose weight, lose fat. But it is very difficult to stick to any diet. Why? Because every diet requires from you to strictly follow it - limit certain foods, limit calories, eat selected foods, drink only juice, eat only soup, don’t eat after 6pm, etc. Some diets are also costly, some food is without any taste and most of the magic diets make us feel hungry and tired and we give up after a while, because we don’t want to feel this way.

So instead of wasting our life on something that makes us unhappy – try to improve your eating habits with small steps. This approach is easy and in long term will definitely improve your way of eating, will make you feel more energetic, will increase your health and well-being.

First small step is to replace fast food that you eat with healthier options, but also easy accessible. For example instead of eating KFC or McDonalds, why not have grilled chicken instead? Usually there is mix of restaurants in all places like malls or petrol stations and luckily there is almost always some place selling grilled chicken. Add to this some salad and you have healthier replacement of fast food. In situation where you are super hungry and only option is fast food – try to select items with meat and without buns or French fries. Nowadays the restaurants allow to replace it with salad, which is good small step. Buns or French fries maybe taste gooooood, but they make our body feel tired and sleepy a while after eating it. We don’t want to feel this way! We need energy to continue with our day, to play with our children, to work, to study.

If you want more help with working on improvement of your eating habits, you can contact us and we will help you to learn how to make small steps and achieve big change.