• Marta

Personal Trainer - My experience

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

I used to go to gym every day, spend there 1 hour (20m min on treadmill, 20 min on cross-trainer and 20 min doing abs) and go home. My eating was all over the place (I would have soup for breakfast and cottage cheese for dinner, plus pizza every second day…). Everyday around 4-5pm I felt very tired (even though I slept 8 hours), I would have short nap and go to gym. And I was unhappy and disappointed that I wasn’t losing any weight and my trousers were very tight or not fitting me anymore. But I knew it takes time to see effects so I continued going to the gym and doing my 1 hour there, not liking it at all and thinking how to quickly escape from there.

Until one day a personal trainer approached me, started talking to me about my goals and what I have been doing in the gym. He offered me to do one session with me for free. So I did. I couldn’t move for a week after that! But I understood that what I have been doing on my own in gym was never going to give me the results that I wanted. So I began to have regular sessions with him. He showed me different types of workouts, new exercises, new equipment. I saw that the 1 hour of exercise doesn’t have to feel like punishment, but can really be joy and fun.

After 2-3 weeks I started to feel that my thighs were getting bigger, so I complained to him “How come, I want to lose weight, not gain!”. He explained that I started to get some muscles, but the layer of fat covering them wasn’t gone yet, that’s why I had feeling that I am getting bigger. I gave him and my body time. After a short while I started to feel that my arms and legs are becoming firmer, something I never experienced in my life. It was like a “WOW, what’s happening?!”. Weight started to go down too. I was seeing results and I was motivated to keep going and pushing myself to see how my body can change.

He also advised me about my eating habits. I used to think that 3 spoons of sugar 3 times a day in my tea was completely fine. My mum and grandmother used to do it as well and although both of them were large women, it didn’t click to me that this could have been one of the causes. The personal trainer opened my eyes on food which is helping to stay fit and healthy and food which is making us fat, tired and unhappy.

Training with coach really changed my life, changed how I treat my body, how I feed it, how I make it better and healthier. I also saved my life, which I will share later with you. I am grateful to this person and will be forever for opening my eyes to what fitness really is and how it affects our lives.

The same I am trying to do to my clients. To show them how great our bodies can be, how we can change it, how we can make it stronger and healthier. Our body is all what we have and we must take really good care of it for years to come.

If you need help with your fitness journey, if you want to change how your body look and feel, contact me and I will help you to get where you want to be!