• Marta

Motivation to exercising

Are you motivated to exercise? What is your motivation?

Do you want to look good? Maybe you have favorite beautiful dress which you used to wear but you can't fit in it anymore. You look at it every few days and wish you could wear it and look stunning. Maybe you look at yourself in the mirror and are unhappy with the body that you see and would like to improve this look, get better shape of your legs, tone up tummy, have nice round hips, have smaller waist, see more muscles on your body?

Do you want to feel good? Maybe you feel tired and sleepy all the time even though you get enough sleeping hours. Maybe you feel weak walking your child to school or doing grocery shopping. Maybe you have extra weight that prevents you from enjoying various activities with your loved ones? You get hot and red and tired so quickly that you just want to sit and watch them play from distance?

Do you want to get stronger? Maybe lifting bottles of water is difficult for you. Maybe when travelling you need someone to carry your suitcase all the time. Maybe you just want to be strong and independent woman that others can rely on, instead of you relying on others.

Are you fighting an illness, such as diabetes type 2, or have high cholesterol level or maybe you are at high risk of cardiovascular disease? Does it frighten you than you are prescribed all those pills that you must take daily and probably for years? Does it frighten you that your children might also get those illnesses?

Do you want to live long in good health? You are young (no matter how old you are!), you have happy family, maybe children too. You want to be there for them in the best shape as long as you can, right? You don't want to get old and tired so soon, than you will start depending on nurses or aids to help you go through your normal, intimate daily routine.

Do you want to be an example for your loved ones? You have family or friends that might not be in their best shape, so you thought you will be their motivation to improve their lifestyle and get healthier. Once they see you changing your life for better, they will follow you, seeing the results and improvement in your body and health.

My motivation to exercises years ago was to lose weight. I started training with personal trainer who showed me that gym is more than cardio and abs. Once I discovered what my body can do and how it is changing in response to exercises and healthy life style, my motivation changed to be the strong woman who is happy after every workout she does. I still care about how I look, but this is my third priority. My motivations are: 1st is to live in good health as long as I can, 2nd to be strong, 3rd to look good and 4th to get that dose of endorphins that keeps my mood always up :-)

Whatever your motivation is, exercises and healthy eating is the answer to it. So if you are unsure how to start exercising or what to eat, contact Personal Trainer who will be more than happy to help you to get on the right path of living healthy life.