• Marta

How to start?

Updated: Mar 24, 2018

All of us live busy lives – we have work, kids to take care of, family gatherings, grocery shopping etc. On top of that we have daily problems and struggles, which makes us tired and stressed at the end of the day and only thing we want is to eat and sleep. So how to squeeze in our life time for regular exercises?

First of all – think about yourself, about “me” time in a day, about what you and your body deserve. It is much easier to have one hour massage in Spa, nice bubbly bath or lay on sofa and watch a movie. But those things will give you short feeling of relaxation and happiness. However one hour of regular exercises will give you good feeling for much longer – you will feel fit, every day work will become easier to do (standing up, walking up stairs, lifting groceries, playing with your children), you will have more energy (even though you might feel tired during or straight after workout), you will be happier (exercises release happiness hormones in our bodies! J).

What is important is to have support during starting of doing any kind of exercises. It can be your husband, sister, mother, friend or a personal trainer. Your family and friends can help you by staying positive, seeing the progress you make and encouraging you to continue. Personal trainer can teach you the exercises, can make plan for you to achieve your goals, can keep pushing you when you have weak moments. Coach can show you that exercising is not boring and can be a lot of fun. And once you start seeing the effects on your body – how it looks, how your clothes fit you, how you feel waking up, how you feel during the day – then your motivation to continue automatically will increase because you never want to go back to your old self.

So think about your life - if you want to feel better than you feel now, contact us and we can help you to get there!