• Marta

Healthy life style

Healthy life style isn't something you just get up one day and decide to strictly follow. It takes time, patience and consistence to master the skills of healthy life style. Exactly, consider it as skills which you want to improve. Treat is as another thing in your life that you will take time and effort to learn and follow, just like you did with reading, writing, speaking foreign language, driving a car etc. None of those you knew when you first started, right? You learnt them with time and support of teachers, parents, trainers.

The same you can do with mastering your skills of healthy lifestyle. First step is realising that your life might not be the healthiest and you want to change that. You want to start exercising, eating healthy, quit addictions. If you do it all at the same time, it will be difficult for you to keep up, your body and mind will be tired very quickly and you will be likely to drop it and go back to your old lifestyle. So take it slowly instead, step by step.

Diet change - start by:

1) drinking more water and less fizzy drinks

2) eating less of fast food

3) putting more vegetable in your meals

4) minimising sugary snacks

5) look for dietician or ask your personal trainer on advice regarding nutrition


1) move more - walk in the parks or malls, take stairs instead of lift

2) join good gym in your area or hire home personal trainer

3) if you decide to join gym, also get personal trainer 1:1 who will teach you proper technique of exercises, so you don't injure yourself


1) start by reducing the number of cigarettes per day, set yourself a goal for example 1 cigarette less each day

2) realise which situations trigger the need of smoking and try to avoid them

3) keep thinking of the impact that smoking has on your body and especially exercising part (trouble with breathing)