• Marta

10 qualities of good Personal Trainer

Once you make decision that you really want to to improve your body, change your lifestyle, get fit and healthy with a help and support of personal trainer, it is important for you to know how to recognize a good one. Below is list of 10 qualities that you should seek in your Personal Trainer:

1) Passion - a person becomes a Personal Trainer because of the passion they have to sport, healthy life style, helping people; passion is what drives and motivates a good trainer

2) Practice what they preach - a good Personal Trainer will look good and will be actively exercising herself. She is walking advertisement of her knowledge, experience and lifestyle. You can check your prospective trainer on social media, like Instagram

3) Interest and attention - from the very first moment you talk, you can understand if the trainer has interest in you, without it you can't trust that she will support you in your journey to better life. During sessions her attention is 100% focused on you, without distractions

4) Communication and listening - trainer must be good active listener and have well developed communication skills in order to communicate with you clearly and get your feedback regarding your goals, workouts, exercises, nutrition

5) Patience - patient trainer will not only find an alternative exercise for you, but will also not push you to try something you cannot perform

6) Safety - training might be difficult and unpleasant for you and really requires safe environment where you can feel comfortable and safe to exercise and to share any matters regarding your body, trainer must be able to create that safe environment for you to trust her

7) Continuous knowledge improvement - a good personal trainer will never stop learning, no matter how many years experience she has in fitness, there is always more to learn which will benefit the client

8) Professionalism - always prepared, on time, keeps records of your progress, doesn't check her mobile phone (unless she uses it as tool for keeping records)

9) Nutrition - is ready to help you with your nutrition and eating habits to achieve your fitness goals, doesn't offer you diet advice that cannot be sustained in the long term

10) Price - good personal trainer invests in their continuous development, works for you more than 1 hour of training session, does research for you. All this contributes to high quality personal trainer and comes with higher price. If your trainer meets all above qualities, then the price can't be low for her. She is worth her value.