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Live Online Training is a service that perfectly suits current situation of isolation "stay at home" to prevent spread of Coronavirus COVID-19.

- Stay at home and workout with me through video calling app (Zoom)

- I will see your form during exercising and correct it, if needed

- Don't worry if you don't have any equipment, workouts can be adjusted to whatever is available in your home

- We will schedule regular workouts during the week, you can stay motivated, accountable and have good routine

- I will help you with your food choices to support you staying fit and healthy

- You can be total beginner or advanced, I will adjust the workouts to your fitness level

Client's Feedback


Last year, I decided to change my lifestyle and become a healthier and fitter person. I was lucky enough to find Marta, and together, we've been working hard to get me in the best shape of my life. It wasn't easy, but she kept me motivated with her commitment and genuine care in my health. Slowly but surely, I started to see amazing results.

When the pandemic stopped life for us in Doha, it also stopped our training sessions, and I found myself sinking into anxiety and depression, not to mention overeating. But once again, Marta entered the picture, but this time digitally.

She guided me on how I could acquire simple pieces of equipment, and now provides her training expertise and positive spirit through online training that is getting me back in shape, and putting me in the right mental state to take on the rest of the challenges we are facing in these critical times.

Thank you so much Marta!


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