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Thoraya's Story

Weight loss journey of Thoraya

Thoraya contacted me a few months ago, looking for a personal trainer to help her reach her goal of losing almost 50 kg weight. That’s a huge challenge not only for client, but also the trainer. With high weight there are many limitations on exercises that can be done (for safety and due to body physical restrictions), the overall fitness level is low, new limitations can be revealed (very common problems with knees, joints due to high weight that body is carrying every single day).

However with consistent training, excellent communication between us, positive attitude, steady weight loss, we managed to decrease so many limitations that Thoraya had when we started!

Thoraya loves food. Like really seriously loves food. The way she talks about it is like she talks about heavenly things. How can she loose weight if she loves food so much? She makes food choices with her goal in mind. She enjoys the flavors, variety, the quality but she controls the quantity. She tracks her food using an app and often shares the pics with me so she can be accountable. She set up a routine so it’s easier to follow on a daily basis without being in situation “I am starving, I will eat whatever is around me”, which is what can make you feel guilty after and slow down your progress.

The journey to her goal is not over and she is not stopping. Her consistency is admirable and gives me motivation also, especially in past few months when our lives have changed drastically.
Thoraya is lighter, her body is healthier, so incredibly stronger (makes me scared sometimes!), she is happier and she seems quite excited for my daily morning I mean.

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