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Story of Yassin

Getting quality life back after months of severe back pain


My name is Yassin and am 43 years old. I used to be an active man that works all the day and ride my motor bike at night. In January 2021 I started to feel pain in my lower back. I ignored it and tried to carry on my life as usual. When the pain became persistent, I visited my doctor and I was diagnosed as sciatica. I started analgesics and anti inflammatory medication with out any progress. Days passed and my pain increased and became localized in the back of my left  thigh and leg down to my toes. Tingling started 🙈 . By time I could not go to my work, stopped riding my motor bike and i was suffering in bed for long time. Pain and anexiety elevated my blood pressure so doctors added to my large bag of medication some additional medicines to lower the blood pressure. I made an MRI and it revealed three problems: 2 bulging disc L2&3 L3&4 and a herniated disc with tear at L5&S1

Physiotherapy and electric sessions helped me but not that much. I could not sneeze from pain in my back. Some nights i was not able to turn from side to side during sleep . My wife was helping me to put on my shoes because I could not do it on my own. I refused to be operated and I started to walk. Walking was painful but i pushed my body to walk. I Made a plan to drink plenty of water and lose weight. I changed my mattress and my car seat cushion. Physiotherapy, medication and walking for months. I felt a little improvement. When I started to be able to move again I searched the internet to have a personal trainer. I found many - had some meetings but non of them convinced me that he / she can help my back to heal. Till i found Marta … oh my God .. she knows so much . I made an immediate contact after I read a-lot about her. She really has great science in her head.

She reads alot and her knowledge was beyond my expectations. She hardly agreed to train me and I was really lucky to have her as my online coach.

She started an online program that is designed for my back. We moved together slowly but surely. Also the progress in my healing back was slowly but solid. She knows what she is doing and by time she gained my complete trust.

Marta helped me to stop my analgesics slowly until am medicine free. Now I can make Many movements that I could not make before Marta such as bending down or lifting my bag. I went to Marta in a state that the heaviest thing i can carry was my mobile. Now , thanks to God and thanks to this great Trainer I can lift weights at the gym.

Marta will never rush you , but also will never comfort you. She will always push you outside your comfort zone but on scientific bases. Thanks Marta again and again and forever for giving me my life back.

Here is a video of a man with 3  disc problems after training 5 months with Marta .

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