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Story of S.

Inspirational weight loss success of client S.

On 1st of Semptember 2021 (on her birthday!) S. did first workout with me. 12 months have passed and she lost 35% of her body weight! Gained incredible strength and much more.

When I met her, her life was typical sedentary (at her work she sits long hours then sits at home). I thought to myself "it will be hard to get her moving".

I told her "you need to use any opportunity to walk". So she did and more than walk! Her daily steps are now minimum 12k, she workouts whenever she can, swims almost daily, does Megaformer Pilates, strength training, aero yoga, gymnastics, ballet and even tried CrossFit class. In a year she walked length of Route 66 in USA which is 3940 km!

A year ago her diet was mostly based on pizza. She didn’t like (or thought she didn’t like) many foods. 12 months later, she became nearly obsessed with cooking her own healthy foods, discovering new cuisines, dishes, flavours. She owns about 15 cook books now. Her kitchen smells amazing each time I come to her house.

S. is an example of a client who needs to be pointed into right direction and supported when in doubt. She used to ask me “can I do …?” when she didn't think her body was able to do specific exercise. I always answered “sure you can!”.

Exercising is not easy for someone who has extra weight. Changing eating habits is not easy for someone who thinks the only edible food is pizza and cheese. But both can be very well acomplished if you really want to and have guidance and support around you!

Well done to S.! More successes to come :-)

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