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Panda's Story

Story of Panda that changed from lazy to healthy, strong woman

I want to share this story with you to give hope and motivation to people who think they are too big, too old, too lazy, who say “I can’t” - to start changing their life, body and mind to healthier version of themselves. Because it is possible!

I met Eman in summer of 2018, she wanted to lose weight and her weight was quite significant. Her life style was mostly sedentary with totally unhealthy junk food every day (some of the meals she told me about sound to me like horror story!)

For a person like this to pick up the phone and call personal trainer takes a lot of courage, motivation and hope, that I can help her to change her body.

We started straight away and definitely it wasn’t easy for her. After years of sitting her body was not used to moving and exercising. But she was so determined to change her life, she kept going despite getting tired very quickly, getting out of breath, sweating even at easiest exercises. And she started losing weight, her fitness level started to improve, exercises started getting easier, I started to challenge her more. Be clear here - it didn’t happen in few days, it was a process that took some time and is still ongoing, and she is not stopping!

But what’s more important her mentality changed - she increased her activity by small changes in her daily routine, like using bathroom that is downstairs, just so she could walk on stairs. Stopped all junk food and swapped it to plenty of vegetables and proteins. Coke replaced with water. She eats sweet treats from time to time, but she knows to earn it by walking longer or exercising.

And she is winning despite of some health challenges she has been facing. She is determined, she is strong and she will win! She is also crazy, loving, caring friend, that I am happy she become to me.
Recently she had surgery and is giving headache to her doctor, asking all the time “When can I start exercising???”, even straight after waking up from anesthesia.

It’s not easy to change Panda lifestyle to healthy one, but everything is possible with the right motivation, strong dedication and little help from people around you.

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