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My Cancer Story

How I discovered my cancer thanks to exercising

This photo is not “before and after fat loss”.

This photo is “before and after finding out ovarian cancer” at the age of 28.

In 2011 I gained weight because my job was sitting most of the day and I was eating way too much, mostly pizza, pasta, potatoes, bread, sweets, all in one evening sometimes! I was going to gym, wasting time, spending 20 min on treadmill, abs, cross-trainer and be out. It didn’t help me and was boring. Until one day Personal Trainer approached me in gym and offered free session. For one week after that session I couldn’t move properly, laugh or sit on toilet, because I was in pain post exercise. And I love it and I wanted more! So I started regularly training with him. After few months I noticed my body changing, getting toned and slimmer, I was very happy. Only problem was that my tummy was still big. Unfortunately for me when I gain weight it goes first into my stomach. I kept complaining to my coach that all body is nice but stomach is big, to which he said that the fat from there will go last. So I waited and kept complaining, until one day he suggested I go to see a doctor because the stomach was really sticking out now in compare to rest fit and slim body.

When I went to doctor, he asked if I was pregnant cause I looked like 5 month pregnant lady… After tests they found out I had cyst on my ovary of size of football ball… I was admitted to hospital and had surgery to remove the cyst, together with my right ovary. They took ovary to laboratory to check it and found out cancer on it. When they told me this I was shocked but happy it was out. I had to have another surgery to remove other tissues in abdomen area where cancer could have spread. Luckily there was no more cancer. Since then I do regular checkups to make sure all is fine. I had few health complications after that, some have effect till now unfortunately. But I am ok!
No one was able to answer me why I had cyst, why I had cancer. It was shocking to everyone that 28 year old girl had this as usually it happens to women in their 50ties.

What I know is:
1) I don’t want to have cancer again – that’s why I am little freak when it comes to eating healthy and exercising, I want to keep my body is best shape and give it nutrients that is needs to fight off anything bad. This is my motivation to do what I do and to share it with other people around me.
2) This Personal Trainer saved my life – because I worked out with him properly, I lost fat % which showed the cyst hiding under the fat, he also suggested for me to go and see the doctor.
3) You need to know your body - If I didn’t work out with this coach, I would be dead by now, because I would never discover cyst and cancer until it was too late. I didn’t know my body, I didn’t understand how it can change. Now I watch my body every day.

To all ladies – check your body regularly. Eat healthy, give your body nutrients to be strong, exercise, don’t poison yourself with processed food and drinks, take care of your body, stay positive, make yourself really truly happy. Be safe.

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