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M's Story

Story of weight gain of client M.

“Healthy weight gain” goal is not as common as “weight loss” among ladies but both are result of a woman not feeling happy about her own body. To achieve either of them, you need to be brave to take the step to reach for help to change that. You need to be ready to adjust many aspects of your life: change what and how much you eat, be very consistent with training and patient with seeing results.

I was very happy when M. contacted me looking for help to gain weight in healthy way. Being a young woman in her 20ties, she was already thinking about her body when she will over 50, which is quite rare to think that much ahead (but that’s what we all should do! How we treat our body while we are young, will pay off to us when we grow older).

It wasn’t easy for her to change her eating behaviors, but gradually with focused approach she did. When she started working out, she was afraid she will hurt herself cause she felt weak. But opposite happened - not only she didn’t hurt herself, but her body became stronger and fitter and she felt in control of it. I loved it when she was excited feeling her muscles working (before we met she thought she was born without hamstrings in her legs).

There were ups and downs, as it happens in life, but what’s important is that she bounced back from downs even higher.

She has left Qatar now but I am sure that she will continue her new lifestyle and keep on being strong (opening jars will not be an issue), healthy, confident about her body and happy woman!

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