I am a Personal Trainer based in Doha, Qatar.

My passions are fitness and healthy life style. I work with women to help them achieve their fitness and well-being goals (lose weight, increase strength, improve nutrition and eating habits).  

Do you want to:


lose weight? 

gain weight?

get stronger?

improve flexibility?

build muscles?

feel better?

feel lighter?

feel healthier?

eat better?

prepare healthier meals for your family?

Being a lady I understand fully what every woman is going through in her life, ups and downs, what are her daily needs, challenges and problems.

I am are here to help and support ladies to make them and their families' lives better. 


I will not promise you that you will get a flat stomach in 4 weeks or lose 10 kg in 2 weeks. It's unreal. 

I will promise that I will help you to get on the path to achieve your goals. I will motivate you to improve your body and health. I will support you on your way to a better life for you, your children and your family!


Yes, you CAN do it! You CAN change your body, you CAN improve your health, you CAN be happier! 

About me

I used to hate any physical activity, until I discovered what it really can do to my body and mind and then I fell in love with it.  Fitness also helped me during the hardest moments in my life. Staying motivated is not easy but I believe that living a healthy life should be the ultimate goal of everyone.

I am a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer certified by The Register of Exercise Professionals in United Kingdom. Additionally I am certified Kettlebell, Bootcamp and TRX Instructor. I am also CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Recently I completed certification for training senior clients, 55 years old and above, knowing how to handle and address common health challenges they might face at the older age and how to help them become healthier, more flexible, stronger and independent in their daily lives.

My workouts are always fun, effective and work on your whole body. But knowing that exercise is only 20% of healthy life, I also focus on nutritional aspects of our lives. I am Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, certified by International Sports Sciences Association from USA. I can help you make better food choices for you and your family.

Sun, laugh with good friends, animals and good food make me happy :-)



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